My name is Robin Bishop, the face behind Interval Illusions Fine Art. I was born in British Colombia, Canada, yet I have lived most of my life in Alberta. Growing up, I developed personal likings for many artistic methods: making crafts and scrapbooking was the start of it all, and then drawing and painting ensued. Like many young kids however, these likings were not nourished as I was told (and if you are an artist yourself, you’ve probably heard it once or twice too), “creating art should remain as a hobby” at best! I was told that I should focus on school. Which I did, and did quite seriously, successfully, and enthusiastically now being an alumna of both Neuroscience and Nanoscience programs from the University of Calgary. 

Despite going through a time period of being solely focused on my scientific studies, I have recently experienced a reconnection with myself and the exploration of fine art; igniting my passion for artistic creativity to resurface and flourish! Since diving in to this reconnection, it is my drive to combine my passion for art with my passion for science. Taking away knowledge acquired from my scientific studies, I am bound by my fascinations of how the brain works, how the universe works— both on the same scales of complexity and fascination. I plan to implement important scientific and philosophical questions within the pieces I create; everything is interconnected! Having developed critical thought owing to my scientific background, I know nothing is impossible. Plus, we are all just tiny insignificant specks of dust in the grand scheme of the universe— and if that isn’t reason enough to just pursue what is dear in your heart, I don’t know what is!


With the recent ability to focus on creating, I have begun the quest to find my artistic style. It is evident that I have a strong interest in creating pieces involving psychedelic and abstract themes, as well as experimenting with wire sculpting and using natural materials. The ability of our brains to seamlessly create a coherent reality, and how this reality or state of consciousness can be altered, is something that has always intrigued me— be it through science or with art. Developing these ideas further is sure to come in the future. To expand my stylistic exposure, I plan to also explore areas of fine art constituting mixed media work, the human figure, more intricate wire sculpting, more wearable fine art, pottery, and erotic-themed work. This is all to say that as I continue on this self-discovering journey with myself and with my art, the fine art pieces that are showcased are not limited to what we have here right now. 


Many artists have supported my artistic path through inspiration and admiration I have had from and of their work, which I would like to mention here: Giovanni Forlino, Alphachanneling, Parker Steven Jackson, Psybrations, Naji Chalhoub, Flamgu, Chulekudd, Pigo Lin, Xue Jiye, Alex Grey, Tamo Jugeli, Miles Johnston, Anna Park, Genieve Figgis, and Loribelle Spirovski— to only mention a few! (all of these artists' names are from Instagram, and I hope you can check our their work!). Other, more classical artists, include Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edgar Degas, Edvard Munch, and Pablo Picasso. I also want to acknowledge the most impactful people to my journey: my high school art teacher and my partner Vlad.


Despite “abstract” seeming like one description for a variety of designs and techniques, each abstract-themed button pin is one-of-a-kind, unique. Whether that be colours, designs, techniques; each pin is coming from my internal inspiration, development, and experience as an artist. Each pin is created from a place of sincere admiration of all that is taken in from this human experience, and from a place of challenging myself as an artist to push any set boundaries. To unite with each pin design, a special name has been given to each piece once the painting is done, that conveys a feeling, description, or concept that connects with the painting. I consider language just as much of an art form as fine art and photography; words have been created for a reason! And using them to precisely convey a message can be as impactful as the piece itself. 


Each button pin creation is recycled: every pin that we find undergoes an artistic transformation into a piece that is unique and carefully crafted. Because the pins made are reused, the sizes vary, which are listed in each description. Overall, button pins are a small, yet notable pieces of wearable art that can be used to express yourself. Even the place you put button pins is a trait of you: clothing, backpacks, bags, hats— they can even be used as miniature pieces to put on your wall or a bulletin board! 



As a child, I would always love to collect "pretty" rocks I would find outside. At one point, I had come to the conclusion that I have no use for collecting such things, because what do you do with a bunch of rocks?! Growing older, exploring, and finding myself as an artist, I have returned to my child-like tendencies; yet, instead of just simply collecting rocks, stones Vlad and I find are transformed into wearable pieces of art— wire-wrapped pendants to be worn as a necklace! Minimalism was the style chosen to wrap these pieces by in order to complement the rocks. The wire colour, the design of the wire wrapping, and the string are each carefully chosen in order to bring the most out of each stone. Our Earth holds so many beautiful things that should have the opportunity to be admired by all! 

- Robin Bishop