Hello and welcome to our project, Interval Illusions!

Behind the name Interval Illusions, are us, artists and scientists, Robin Bishop and Vladimir Kabanov. We are a couple based in Whitehorse, YT who have come together to share our passion for a variety of art forms with each other, and now with you!

Before meeting, we individually worked on personal projects in our respective mediums, but it was nothing but a hobby and an escape to stay sane in the crazy world of academia (and life in general). Robin was a senior student completing her studies in Neuroscience and Nanoscience programs. Meanwhile, Vladimir was a PhD candidate working on a thesis related to nanomaterials, light, and reactive forms of molecular oxygen. As we got to know each other and shared our personal journeys, we’ve enabled each other to realize that our backgrounds in science do not hold us back from creating art, and rather give us a unique edge of creating art with a certain philosophy. To us, art is a way of reflection on the absurdity of the universe, the mysteries of science, the admiration of the natural world and its many secrets. Hence, this project: Interval Illusions.

Interval Illusions logo

It’s in the name! Each creation which comes from an artist can be viewed as a snapshot of their mind from some distinct time interval. The creations themselves are attempts at trying to engage the audience into understanding something, telling a story, creating that same illusion that an artist had which inspired the piece. Interval Illusions! The name of our project is representative of our philosophy to use art as a medium to translate our fascinations.

A lot of our inspiration comes from adventuring and travelling together. We find every single aspect of nature breathtaking and worth admiration: from the magnificent landscapes and the vast sky, captured by Vladimir, to small yet unique stones, turned into wearable pieces by Robin. We’ve set up our shop with the most beloved pieces from our adventures, and this is only the beginning. As more adventures are to come, there is no limit to the space of ideas and creations which are also to come in the future.

Through this project, we aim to inspire people to think about our modern life. No problem is too small, or too large to tackle when one seeks to combine two of the oldest and wisest disciplines. As we like to say: “There is at least a bit of science in art, and there is a whole lot of art in science”. From modernization to education, from social to climate change, there are so many questions which require a creative solution, an excuse to blur the line between science and art. With this in mind, we strive to become a place for like-minded artists, scientists, and philosophers to come together to share their mind with us too.    

We hope you find our art pieces and the stories behind them resonating, and we would appreciate your visit to our shop to support our efforts and future adventures. We would love to hear from you!

- Robin and Vladimir (Interval Illusions)