Amber Inn

Amber Inn

Size: A3+ (13"x19") shipped ready to hang in your choice of a classic glass frame or a hanging magnetic frame. If you have the right size frame of your own, worry not, you can order the print itself at a $15 discount.


The photo: It is not hard to imagine why the majority of people consider winter to be their least favourite season. Cold, runny nose, the white stuff on the walkways waiting to be shoveled (“again? … it’s been like half an hour!”). Sure, if you like winter sports you may disagree with this generalization to some degree, but if you’re a photographer you should disagree with this generalization entirely! There is nothing like getting a perfect portrait on a snowy day, or the bokeh of holiday lights; the dramatic stories in winter street photography, or the dangerously icy landscapes. As photographers we are servants to light, and light in the winter, although scarce at times, can play intricate games of reflecting and refracting, and be found in places where it otherwise shouldn’t be. Its unique way of lighting up the base of the fallen tree in this capture evokes an enchanting, mystical feeling. The middle of the tree stump presents itself as if it was an entrance, inviting and teasing the viewer that there is more to see. The warm colour of the stump in this print is striking against the coldness of the surrounding environment. While the snow appears soft and 3-dimensional owing to the texture of Hahnemühle’s William Turner Fine Art Paper.


Location: 50°36'17.1"N 115°08'06.2"W


Behind the scenes: Having hiked up to Rawson Lake, AB several times I’ve felt quite confident in my abilities to get there by snowshoeing in the winter. With that said, one thing I did not consider is it being the first time I had my beautiful magnesium-allow body camera with me out for a full day in the cold. You do not even need to be a chemist to know what happens to metals in the cold… they too get cold, very cold. Long story short, I had ended up with a mild snownip on the tip of my fingers by the time I’d reached the lake. Meanwhile the camera, although working quite happily, had to spend the remainder of this adventure in the backpack.


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