Chief of the Valley

Chief of the Valley

Size: A3+ (13"x19") shipped ready to hang in your choice of a classic glass frame or a hanging magnetic frame. If you have the right size frame of your own, worry not, you can order the print itself at a $15 discount.


The photo: The “American Buffalo” or more accurately the American Bison (B. Bison) count to about 5000 heads in the Yellowstone National Park. They may appear slow due to their mass and lethargic movement, however they can easily outrun a human and have been observed to run at fast as >60km/h (~40mph). Bison are truly mighty and powerful animals; an unstoppable force, if provoked. And yet, something about their eyes conveys a sense of gentleness and intelligence in a “minding-my-own-business” kind of way. This photo captures the qualities of the bison perfectly. The focus is on the bison’s eye, the weary expression as the animal makes its way to the outskirt of the Lamar Valley and into the steep slopes of the nearby mountains. Where is he going? What is he thinking so deeply of? The richness of Hahnemühle’s FineArt Baryta Paper adds volume to this print and makes the earthy tones on the bison’s backlit coat appear deep and saturated, worthy to its name “Chief of the Valley”.


Location: 44°55'11.8"N 110°23'57.1"W


Behind the scenes: Driving through the Lamar Valley, WY is not a venture for the impatient. A ~10km stretch of narrow 2-lane road is often subject to wildlife crossing and hangouts. Better yet, despite the many signs restricting stopping on the road, we have not past the valley once without getting stuck in jams behind cars stopped to take photos of the nearby bison or antelopes. Plan ahead and bring snacks!


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