Crossway Rime

Crossway Rime

Size: A3+ (13"x19") shipped ready to hang in your choice of a classic glass frame or a hanging magnetic frame. If you have the right size frame of your own, worry not, you can order the print itself at a $15 discount.


The photo: It’s all about the balance! Everything surrounding us, matter within and beyond our reach, and our very lives are all a consequence of an intricate play of forces. Pulling and pushing, pulling and pushing … pulling and pushing … all that exists, exists in a fleeting sense of equilibrium. An equilibrium skewed heavily towards disorder - a thought that keeps many philosophers and scientists up at night to this day. But that is the nature of things, and it is the balance that keeps things in nature. This capture is all about the balance. Balance of light and shadow, balance of cold and warm tones, balance of the states of matter. Despite only blues, whites and greys being the major presence in this photo, it remains so dynamic. The coarse texture of Hahnemühle’s William Turner Fine Art paper brings out the fine details of the trees enveloping the landscape, adding an extra layer of dimension and intricacy to the harmony of this shot.


Location: 51°22'54.6"N 116°31'49.7"W


Behind the scenes: This photo was captured on Robin’s and mine very first vacation together. While initially I did not think much of taking this shot, Robin immediately fell in love with it. By now, we’ve spent countless hours discussing what makes this photo special, and in a lot of ways, this capture has served as a starting point in my conscious effort to see photographic moments in the eyes of an intricate play of light and shadow. With so many adventures and photos which came after this, Crossway Rime remains Rob’s favourite.


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