Feel at Home

Feel at Home

Size: A3+ (13"x19") shipped ready to hang in your choice of a classic glass frame or a hanging magnetic frame. If you have the right size frame of your own, worry not, you can order the print itself at a $15 discount.


The photo: Yellowstone National Park is regarded to be the heart of the megafauna in North America, meaning it is PACKED with wildlife. While the possibility of having any of over 60 types of mammals potentially sniffing around the campground makes for an incredibly exciting adventure, it does make hiking just that much more daunting. But rest assured, the reward of reaching your destination is worth it. Drawing from these feelings, came the inspiration for this capture. The array of old, fallen tree trunks creates a set of leading lines which draw the viewer into the scene. Guided by the sharp contrast of the shadows, our eyes arrive and may rest easy in the calm tones of the waterfall. Feel at home! The texture of Hahnemühle’s William Turner Fine Art Paper is a perfect complement to this landscape, making it look more akin to a painting rather than a photograph, and adding that warm sense of an adventure well done.


Location: 44°29'03.4"N 110°52'19.7"W


Behind the scenes: Now, we have to admit that this was not exactly an “adventure well done”. On our approach to the waterfall we started to run out of water, and by the time this picture was taken our lips were cracking and starting to blend in with the textures of Yellowstone's soil. By the time we’ve descended back I was convinced that Robin was going to have a heat stroke. Thankfully, a few sips of water later, coupled with soaking in the river, got us back to continuing on our adventure relatively quickly.


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