Fleeting Hallucination

Fleeting Hallucination

The pin: Has there ever been a time in your life where you feel as though you aren’t actually present in that situation? As though you are hovering outside of your body, looking in on what’s happening outside of the boundaries of your physical being? Or as though you are drifting from this reality, unable to find that definite focus on the here and now; that you are in the mindset of reflecting on your current actions in past tense, outside of yourself, and you see these streaks of interplays that lead up to the ever-happening moment? This pin holds these feelings: with dynamic strips being pulled from the solid yet still intricate embodiment, the feeling of fleeting endured during a surreal experience of a hallucination is portrayed.


Size: 1 1/4" diameter. 


    Uncompromised Fine Art and Photography

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