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The photo: To a complete bystander, an alien if you will, our ways of life would likely appear to be quite strange. We tend to think of ourselves as having individuality, yet are so fast to jump on the many bandwagons set up by our ways of living. And even more strange is our wit to laugh at those who break the paradox of usual existence. This photo captures a glimpse of our everyday life from above. From this perspective the buildings look unique, quite different from one another, with colourful railings and window frames… as if conveying a sense of individuality. Yet they are all confined to the same structure, and ultimately serve the same purpose. In this view of looking at the world as miniature, one idea does not contradict or disable the other, but why does it so often do so when we get to the ground level? The intricacies in colour and detail present in this photo are reproduced thoroughly on Hahnemühle’s Photo Rag Pearl Paper.


Location: 46°48'57.3"N 71°12'15.2"W


Behind the scenes: Quebec City is a place full of history and culture. But if that is not enough to pay it a visit, consider that it also has the FINEST bakeries we’ve ever come across. Having an out of the oven croissant from Paillard was justifiably one of the most memorable experiences of visiting Canada’s oldest city.


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