Mint Condition

Mint Condition

Size: A3+ (13"x19") shipped ready to hang in your choice of a classic glass frame or a hanging magnetic frame. If you have the right size frame of your own, worry not, you can order the print itself at a $15 discount.


The photo: Driving through the badlands of Alberta on a hot summer day and finding this abandoned turquoise beast in the town of Dorothy, felt as much of a reward as getting mint chocolate chip ice cream just a few miles up the highway in the town of Rosadale. This ~1964 Plymouth Valiant is the most recent addition to the series of photos documenting abandoned automobiles across Alberta. The emulsion-like texture of the Hahnemühle’s FineArt Baryta Paper adds a sense of aging to this capture, as if looking at a preserved document. The abilities of this paper to translate the subtle differences in vibrance of colours perfectly brings out the vintage, faded mint and turquoise tones of our old friend. With some TLC, I bet someone could squeeze a few more miles out of this one.


Location: 51°16'49.2"N 112°19'15.3"W


Behind the scenes: On this trip, I had discovered Robin’s obsession with mint chocolate chip ice cream. She will refuse to get any other flavour, and keeps a list (be it in her head) of the best places that serve it. Asteroid Cater in Rosadale, AB apparently ranked pretty high.


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