One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

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The photo: Life is busy! I don’t have to be the one to tell you that.  Whether one’s working on a PhD, or has a real job, we all are prone to getting overwhelmed with the commitments surrounding the “modern” lifestyle. But as many wise men say: “the only way to fail is to quit”, most of us manage to carry on. What makes this capture beautiful is the stacking of the planes of the mountains. Presence of the multiple vantage points in this photo is not only “a good, proper practice in photography”, it also has a way of telling a story. Pleasing to the eye, is the fading of each plane from dark to light blue, connecting the darkest, most immediate foreground, to the lightness of the sky in the background. Thus, unfolding the story to be that of things being achievable. The texture of the Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic paper adds even more to the volume of this photo. The silver finish of this media naturally complements the many shades of blue in this capture, meanwhile reproducing the light yellow and orange shades of the sky with a golden and bronze shine.


Location: 51°04'09.1"N 114°28'01.0"W


Behind the scenes:  This photo was taken on the way back from Robin’s and mine daring adventure to explore Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada in the season of very unstable Albertan weather (which is practically any time, in any season in Alberta). We were faced with frequent changes in conditions, from sun to rain, and back over again, which did not allow us to capture the many landscapes we sought out to see in that area. It was not until our way back home, nearing dusk, that the changing skies played along with our plans and presented themselves in this beautiful light.


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