Still Perspective

Still Perspective

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The photo: Time is a relative concept. This idea does not necessarily need to sprout from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, rather it can be thought of in more general observational terms. For us, it makes sense to talk about time in terms of seconds, minutes, or hours, as that is typically how long it takes us to perform an action. For things much smaller than us, such as atoms and molecules, processes happen on the scale of nano-, pico-, femto- seconds, and even faster. On the other hand, for much larger things, such as planets and stars, things take millions or billions of years to unfold. Looking at the mountains we perceive them to be still and largely unchanging. To resolve these changes, we must look a little closer. This capture zooms in on the fine details of the mountain instead of capturing the whole landscape. It puts things in perspective, attempting to cross the boundary of stillness by portraying the scale of things – from individual trees to the mountain as a whole. The rich, “meaty” texture and the saturation of colours of the Hahnemühle’s FineArt Baryta Paper complement the mightiness of the mountain and the dramatic effect of scale present in this shot.


Location: 52°43'02.4"N 117°52'28.9"W


Behind the scenes: Spending hours of driving in the mountains during this Jasper National Park adventure, Robin and I got on the philosophical topic of trying to define and understand the concept of “a moment”. Thinking about the name of a Pink Floyd song “Momentary lapse of reason” lead us down a rabbit-hole from which we came out of with the name of our project, “Interval Illusions”.


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