Summer '68

Summer '68

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The photo: It is easy to get carried away from the present moment by constantly focusing on the future, where to go next. The timeframe we set on things correlates so well with our ability, or more precisely lack-there-of, to snap out of our own heads and simply be present. This capture concentrates on the story between the man and his companion. The very idea of having nothing but your skill separating you from the road is liberating, and it is only more so that when the experience can be shared with a best friend. While the man and the dog seem focused on the road, they also appear relaxed and at ease, bonded as part of the whole in this photograph. The coldness of the surrounding environment and the purple tint from the setting sun in this capture are complemented by the luster-like finish and the fine detail of the Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl Paper. These tones set the adventurous atmosphere running through this photo, the kind that is also perfectly captured in the early Pink Floyd song which inspired the name of this piece.


Location: 44°55'11.0"N 110°19'06.8"W


Behind the scenes: Robin and I had about an hour of bumper-to-bumper, on and off the road, time to endure as we were caught in a trail of spectators taking pictures of the bison that fill the fields of Yellowstone National Park. But the bison were quickly dismissed from being the focus of our attention as soon as we looked through the rearview mirror.


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