Summer '68

Summer '68

  • Choosing your options:

    Printed on your choice of Satin, Metallic, or Matte premium photo paper. If you are unsure what paper would suit you best, fear not - you can select an Artist's pick option and I will print it on the paper that best suits the print!


    You may also pick to have a white border around the print - this is especially useful if you want to put the print under a mat in the frame. It is also the way I like to display my photos in general - mat or no mat :).


    Lastly, please note that the options for sizes of prints will vary from one photo to another. Depending on what camera I took the photo on, the resolving power of the lens, and the post-processing - some photos can be printed as large as 40"x60", while others may only go up to 16"x24". Rest assured, I've carefully selected the sizes available for each print as to make absolutely sure that the final product will look perfect in all technical aspects!